Baby Season

It's baby season at HAWK Center. Lynne has returned from helping at Primarily Primates and the pager is ringing off the hook. Fortunately, more of those calls are educational and result in a reunion of babies with parents, than patient intake.

Lynne learned a tremendous amount while volunteering in Texas, such as long term planning for an animal care organization, including caging and funding. The foresight she received as a result of someone else not having any, will be beneficial to the animals in care at HAWK Center.

Unfortunately for the animals at PPI, on May 1, Primarily Primates was returned to former management minus Wallace Swett. They have a "reformed" board. The AG turned his back on the animals at PPI. All of us are is disbelief. We are continuing to fight for the animals by pressuring FoA and PPI to do right by the animals in their care. Please visit

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