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Back in Arkansas, things are going smoothly and our caseload is low. That is very fortunate and allows Lynne to remain in San Antonio, Texas, to help the situation at Primarily Primates.

Because of her background in Human Resources and Non-Profit Administration, the Court Appointed Receiver has asked Lynne to stay through the jury trial in January. She is now serving as (volunteer) Interim Administrative Director for Primarily Primates until the legal case is resolved and a paid director can be hired.

If you or someone you know would like to volunteer, PPI needs a lot of assistance.


Jane Garrison, (volunteers with primate experience)
Kate Danaher, (general volunteers)
Off-Site Volunteer Coordination Support
On behalf of State of Texas Appointed Receiver for Primarily Primates

Both general public and professional support are needed at PPI. Any experience working with primates will be an asset. There is much to do and a lot of bodies are needed to accomplish the tasks. Volunteering is on one's own expense and liability. You should be sure to have a current, tetanus, TB test and your flu shots if at all possible. This project will take a long time (3-6 months), so even if you can't go right now, you're availability will be appreciated when you can come.

Primarily Primates
26099 Dull Knife Trail San Antonio, TX 78255
Main Office: 830-755-4616
Fax 855-755-4611, 830-755-4618

If someone cannot physically help, there are huge financial needs
to get the animals taken care of. Due to pending investigations, all PPI assets have been frozen. Therefore, Donations are most welcome and needed.

To provide immediate care for the animals Please make checks payable to:
Primarily Primates, Lee Theisen-Watt, Receiver

and send to:

Lee Theisen-Watt
State of Texas Appointed Receiver for Primarily Primates
26099 Dull Knife Trail
San Antonio, TX 78255

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Anonymous said...

Primarily Primates has been returned to former management minus Wallace Swett. They have a "reformed" board. The AG turned his back on the animals at PPI. All of us are is disbelief. We are continuing to fight for the animals by pressuring FoA and PPI to do right by the animals in their care. Please visit