New way to get involved.... Release

If you'd like squirrels released on your property, let us know. After we determine the site is suitable for releasing our precious charges, you'll need to build a squirrel house to bring us (Click here for the plans). Immediately after they wean, we'll provide to the babies, the house you built for them. When ready for release, they're accustomed to the house as home. We close the hole while they're sleeping and move the entire house to the new location. When we open the "door", their view may be different, but home is still home.

They often stay in this house for a long time and if placed properly, you might see your squirrel raising babies there. If your squirrel decides to move on to new territory, these house plans are also accommodating for screech owls, kestrels, and other small cavity dwellers.

Even if you don't want squirrels released in your yard, we can still use the boxes, so please, drop us a note if you can help!

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