Live Entertainment

I spent a good hour watching our little squirrels today. I gave them a huge dish full of food. A wide assortment of natural foods, it's fun and very entertaining to watch them fight over some things while others go straight for a particular item, digging deep for it and throwing everything else aside to find it.

Three squirrels will be released tomorrow, one of which came in with a broken front leg. (Eventually, I'll get the video of her up on our YouTube account so everyone can watch). Although she was a solo, two of her foster siblings will be released with her. Three squirrels and their box house will be driven down to Little Rock to hang in a tree in the yard of the solo's finder. They'll be soft released, with food provided as long as they continue to return for it. It's always hard to see them go, but it's a bittersweet sadness. That's what we do this for, after all! Plus, soft release allows for follow up. The rest of the fall babies will be released next week. We just had to separate the group because the little one with her broken leg was promised back at the home of her finder.

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