Hit Counter

I was just looking at our website hit counter. There, I can see which pages people have been looking at, what resource sent them there, and if we were found in a search engine, I can see what the search was for and how highly we ranked in that search. I'm amazed!

I can tell when I've posted something of interest to a listserv, because the hit counter jumps like a spring board. But, the most commonly visited spot on our whole web site is the "Locate" link. I'm delighted to see that we are helping people (who have found injured, orphaned, or sick wild animals) to get connected with appropriate rehabilitators/facilities as quickly as possible, because that's part of our primary directive.

So far this year, we've had an average of eight hits (individual visitors) per day. Now, wouldn't it be a perfect world if each person who visited our site, made a donation of one dollar per visit? We would certainly get those new cages finished in a flash! Remember, HAWK is a 100% volunteer operated, donation funded organization. We welcome and need your support! This means financial contributions, in-kind donations, and volunteers.

Although HAWK Center has been incorporated in Arkansas as a non-profit organization since 2001, we just now have enough finances to be able to file for charitable status. As our next administrative project, we're actively seeking assistance in the filing process. Contact us if you'd like to get involved with HAWK Center in any way.

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