Urgent Plea for Assistance from The Conservation Trust

Lee Theisen-Watt just phoned me with an urgent request for help. As the Executive Director of The Conservation Trust, she has been given the huge responsibility of court-appointed receiver of nearly 1,000 animals in the October 13th raid and shut-down of Primarily Primates, Inc.

As a result of documented animal suffering and death at the hands of PPI's negligent director, PETA filed a complaint with the Attorney General's Office in May 2006. The complaint documented PPI's failure to meet its charitable mission in behalf of the animals confined there.

Lee told me there are hundreds of animals (not just primates, but also large to medium sized felines and other animals), many in "abjectly filthy and inhumane conditions, including open sewage, and chimpanzees and other primates confined to tiny dark enclosures and barren cells"

I plan to go down to San Antonio to help out, probably leaving Arkansas on October 29th...going from there directly to the Raptor Conference in Lubbock on the 9th of November. If Anyone can help in any way, Lee would be most grateful! She said she guarantees you can help with preparing food and cleaning. She said there's no need to even call...just show up.

If you can't go and help physically, your donation is most welcome and needed. Please send donations to provide immediate care for the seized animals to:

Lee Thiesen-Watt
ReceiverPrimarily Primates
C/O Vance and Sailors
334 W. Mistletoe Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78212-3301

To read more about the whole situation, here are some references:

If you'd like to join me, please email me privately at hawkcenter@earthlink.net

P.S. Pass it on.....

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