Naked as a Jay Bird?

We're not sure it's a Jay, but it is some kind of bird. Found on the pavement, just outside a business, this little featherless baby appears to have fallen or been kicked out of his nest. For all who've heard the old wives tale that says "if you touch a bird, mom won't take care of it", that is wholly an untruth. The only birds with a sense of smell are vultures.

Not only that, they can't count either! So, the mother doesn't know when a baby is missing unless the baby talks to her. In this case, and in most cases, we advised the caller to make an artificial nest with an old plastic bowl by punching some holes in the bottom of it and lining it with dry materials for a nest. Then, the baby bird finder is to place the new artificial nest as near as possible to the site where the baby was found. Most often, within minutes, the mama bird will notice her baby out of place because he's crying for food.

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