Caught by Cat

Any time any animal is caught by a domestic feline, it doesn't matter whether or not you can see bite marks...they are there and always need antibiotics.

From personal experience with a feral cat attack, the bites that I could see immediately after I was attacked numbered under five. About two days later, one could see more like thirty little holes in my hands.

A very long time ago, I used to let my domestic cats outside. After they brought me "presents" too many times, I decided they would become indoor cats. They're all now very happy and spoiled rotten inside cats.
For information on how much damage outdoor cats do to wildlife and how to have a happy indoor cat, visit the American Bird Conservancy's "Cat's Indoors" program.

That said, we received a little teeny eastern cottontail last night near eleven o'clock. The finder discovered it when she saw her cat staring at it on the ground in her yard. We all know that cats like to play with their food...well this cat was waiting for the poor little thing to move again so she could make chase. The caller bundled the little bunny up in a towel and brought it to us right away. We administered antibiotics and so far, so good. We'll keep you posted!

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