Something Squirrely

We received a page this afternoon from an elderly woman in Bryant with a squirrel. She had found it close to a month ago after a snag (old dead tree) had fallen in her yard. Apparently, mama squirrel had nested in that tree and hadn't yet retrieved all her babies. Finding only one, the woman took it in and did her best to raise it. Although well meaning she was, it took a month for her to realize that the best thing for this squirrel was to be in the hands of a trained wildlife rehabilitator. We have made arrangements for her to get it to a midpoint between Bryant and Russellville, so the little one can go in with the squirrels we already have. From the sounds of it, hers is near the same age, which will mean release in a very short amount of time. Good for him, he'll have buddies to sleep & play with as well as a nice habitat and shelter.

Remember, mama can always do better than we can. Before removing any wildlife from its spot, please call a rehabilitator. Often the animal doesn't need help. In this case, mama would have retrieved her baby and he was essentially kidnapped. Only through education can we prevent further kidnapping.

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