We always try to reunite babies with their moms. In this case, two baby squirrels had been separated from mom through accidental destruction of their nest. Through our hotline pager (479-498-5147), we were able to respond quickly and provide instructions on how to reunite the family. Here's what the finder wrote back about the happy reunion:
Thank you so much for your advice and the time you took to help our family when we found 2 baby squirrels. My husband was cleaning the gutters and accidentally threw down the squirrel nest, the babies were not injured but without their Mom and nest. My husband and my kids put them in a box with leaves, etc. By that evening they seemed cold and I was worried they would not survive the night. That is when I contacted you. I was lucky and got to speak with you on the phone and you gave me instructions on how to care for them. We put the box out first thing in the morning and went inside to give the Mom a chance to spot them. By the time we went to check on them, 1 of the babies (plus my husband’s boxers which we used to cover them up during the night) were missing. So we went to the window to watch. The Mom was soon on her way to get the 2nd baby. We were so amazed and felt so lucky to get to witness such a sweet reunion. I would never have guessed that the Mom would come back for her babies! Thanks so much for helping us reunite this family!

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