Our Olympian swimmer got his freedom this past Monday. A week in our wildlife hospital and he was ready to go. Having undergone a full cycle of antibiotics, our fellow was definitely feeling his oats and ready to go. Pacing was a sure indicator that he wanted OUT! We called his finder and got directions to the site where he was found. The finder met us at the door and led us to his back yard, where the squirrel calls home. We slowly opened up the cage and the squirrel stared out. We watched in silence as the little guy assessed the situation and his location. Suddenly, he seemed to recognize where he was and took off like a bullet. He ran off across the yard and up a tree. Sure enough, that was the tree of his residence, according to his rescuer. As we watched him scamper off, a sense of joy and satisfaction filled my heart. I was glad and honored to have helped this squirrel.

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