Bear on the Loose!

Early Sunday morning, the Russellville police department received several 911 calls about a bear in town. Close proximity to humans is not a safe place for any bear, and that was the circumstance that caused a call to Dr. Davis. A quick call around and he had a borrowed dart gun in hand, ready to dart the bear for relocation. Once on site, an Arkansas Game & Fish biologist made it there in time and Dr. Davis didn't need to use his borrowed equipment. The bear was safely darted and relocated to northern Pope County, where it and the public will be safer. To read the news report about the bear, visit this link.

This brings up the subject of a dart gun. About a month ago, a very generous individual made a cash donation towards the purchase of a dart gun for HAWK Center. That money has been set aside as dedicated funds. Although the donation was substantial, we need about $500 more to purchase the dart gun we need. In the past month, we've had three circumstances where a dart gun was needed. If you can contribute towards this purchase, please contact us.

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