This morning, someone dropped off two tiny baby bats at the clinic. The staff set up a heating pad to keep them warm, then they called me. By the time I was able to pick them up, one had died. The second one was very hungry and was squeaking up a storm. As I was feeding him, the pager went off and I called. The person on the other end was the individual who had brought in the two bats....she found two more. We arranged to meet in Russellville in 15 minutes and I quickly wrapped up the feeding session for bat #1. As I met her, she showed me two more little ones, just like the first. One was cold and weak and I was dubious it would live long. By the time I had gotten home, it too, had passed away. #3 is weak, but fighting. The living two bats (#'s 1 & 3) eat well and are cuddled up next to each other. If they make it through the night, I'll get them to someone with more bat pup experience than I.

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